Pooltime with Alex and Petie.

One of the reasons they each have their own kiddie pools…

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and… I’m back!

Since I last posted we have a dog and a baby!   Alex was born on August 25, 2009.  So he’s nine months old now and is such a joy. We are one very happy family!

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The year of BBQ is technically over. What next?

After being lured by the intoxicating aroma of our neighbor’s smoking a turkey on their Big Green Egg, we were rendered powerless ( they shared!) and up and splurged on a Big Green Egg! Its comforting to know that in case of a cataclysmic event, we won’t ever have to be without bbq (phew). It gets style points too.

If he's waiting for it to be done, he's gonna be waiting for lonnnng time

..but it was worth it!

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Solo Nationals wrap up

Even though both Jeff and I came out looking lousy on paper, we had one helluva good time at Nationals as per the plan. A week full of running the car, bench racing, cheering on our Atlanta cohorts and friends from other regions, riding bikes around paddock, hanging out at the region’s garage, going to cookouts, meeting lots of new people and laughing a great deal…. I’m totally exhausted from my vacation, but it was a really great meeting up with so many like-minded people all in one place. This was our third trip to Topeka and each time is more fun than the last, (which makes our mid-pack results a lot easier to bear). A fitting way to end the week was on the trip back towards home when we caught up with the Atlanta convoy of cars for awhile (who had CB’s too!) and had some good laughs on our private channel. Our region rocks. No further proof is needed- but here is a shot of Wayne building the Atlanta region bieramid to epic proportions during the awards (yawn) banquet, easily out-towering the Texas table’s efforts.

It takes a village….

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solo national championships, day one

There’s always a much ado in grid between runs. Jeff and Waylen change out the front tires to get our co-driver Matt J. ready to go. After day one I was in the trophies in the ladies class, but alas it was not meant to be…

Pat’s Pig BBQ right near the Heartland Park track is a lunchtime staple. Burnt ends plate FTW.

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Pro Solo Day 2

Both Jeff and I held our positions on Day 2 of the Finale. Jeff finishing with a 4th place trophy and me just narrowly missing making the ladies challenge round. I did however make it to the final table of the annual poker tourney that evening which is pretty surprising. seeing as this is only the second time I’ve ever played texas hold ’em. The first time was at last year’s event. I didn’t make it into the money, but it was fun. We both are now pretty exhausted. The coffee sponsorship we got from the “buzz-thru” on-site vendor will definately come in handy for the rest of the week.

Here Mark D. offers some last minute well-wishes at the line.

Jeff, Heyward, Tom and Mark chillin’ together in impound after final runs.

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Pro Solo Day 1

The first day of the Pro Solo Championship had everything the format is known for….comraderie, excitement, great drivers, lots of runs, head to head action and in the last years, it has also been known for a poor timing system which causes delays, and results in lots of grumblings.
There were some of these well-known timing “issues” with the Christmas tree light drag start, when Jeff was first in line at the start of our afternoon set of runs, and he had to wait for literally an hour on the starting line in 90 degree heat. I imagine the course workers didn’t have it so good either.
Because of the delay, the event chiefs debated whether to have the last heat 2nd session of runs (my heat) go tommorow morning instead, but then decided to fit us in before it got dark, right around 6pm, just as rainshowers rolled on through. So my and all the afternoon ladies’ runs were pretty much useless, as no one could improve upon their morning times whilst hydroplaning. I was fine with that, as next week’s Solo Nationals might see a bit of rain too and I could use the practice in the rain. There is still one last set of runs in the morning to see if I can improve on my mid-pack standings and make it into the finale challenge round tommorow afternoon. Jeff is running well in the ‘one-event’ index class, made of up drivers who only attended one pro solo this year.
oh yeah, and I have a wicked sunburn in the shape of a tank top.

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